Frequently Asked Questions

Q:A 'STARTUP ERROR' message appears when I try to launch the program. What should I do?

A: This error usually indicates a corrupted download – the recommended action would be to uninstall the program and then repeat the download of the. Also make sure that you are using the latest version of Mp3Treat.


You can download the latest version of Mp3Treat here. The error can also be the result of corrupted Windows registry values, or infiltration of a virus within your system. If reinstalling the program doesn’t eliminate the problem, we recommend running a complete system scan using your security software. We remind you that technical support is provided exclusively to PRO customers - for additional support, we invite you to upgrade to Mp3Treat PRO. By doing so, you will be granted unlimited  technical support, as well as faster downloads, enhanced connection speeds, improved search results, free software updates!


Q: What is the cost of Mp3Treat software?

A: Mp3Treat Lite can be downloaded and used completely free. However, we also recommend you to check out our enhanced version, the Mp3Treat Pro, which is available for a small fee. Customers who purchase the upgrade are also accommodated with personalized, Technical Support services, a suite of multimedia applications to help organize your multimedia content, as well as free software updates for the entire duration of the membership.


We will not charge you again after you complete your initial purchase. As a member, you will have the option to extend your membership when this expires.


Q: How long is my license valid for?

A: Mp3Treat membership is licensed on three different periods: 1 Year Unlimited Access, 2 Years Unlimited Access and Lifetime Unlimited Acces, starting purchase date. Consumers can always renew their license, under the renewal form within the members area.


Q: Do I need to establish an Internet connection prior to running Mp3Treat?

A: YES. Mp3Treat will connect you to a network of computers that communicate exclusively through the Internet. Please bear in mind the software will not create an Internet connection for you.


Q: The installation process freezes at “Installing Java”. What should I do?

A: This error is caused by the the Java installer. To solve this, please uninstall any previous version of Mp3Treat and Java Runtime Environment from the Add/Remove Programs located in the Control Panel, point your browser to and install Java latest version, and only then install Mp3Treat.


Q: Is it important what version of Mp3Treat I use?

A: Yes, as a matter of fact, using the latest version of mp3Treat allows users to enjoy the best program functionality. The bugs and errors our users have reported in older versions have been fixed for our latest version. Also, please note our software will automatically notify you if there is a new version available.


Q: What types of files can I download using Mp3Treat?

A: Mp3Treat can search for and download virtually any type of file, allowing its users to grab music, videos, program files, books, photos and the list goes on.


Q: Why am I unable to access the network of files?

A: Failure to connect to the network, while still being able to browse the Internet, can be an indicator that your firewall may be preventing access through the Gnutella port.


If this is the real reason, then all you have to do is adjust your firewall settings to allow the opening of a port for Gnutella. If you have difficulties configuring your firewall, you can refer to the directions provided on the producer member site, or contact their support group. You can also consult the section on detailed Windows XP port configuration found on the Microsoft page.


Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your membership, you may cancel at any time with no further obligations. To request a cancellation of your account, send an email to and we will get back to you with further details.


Q: How do I remove the Mp3Treat software from my system?

A: Access the Control Panel and double click on Add/Remove Programs then Remove Mp3Treat. You can also uninstall the software by clicking the Start Button and running the Mp3Treat uninstaller under the Mp3Treat Program Folder.